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GlobalHair is an initiative of me, Berkant Dural. Years ago I started to realize I was going bald. I then focused on possible solutions for hair loss. I did not like hair growth remedies because they often have side effects. A hair piece was not an option, because it would hinder me too much in everyday life. 

“Designated for a hair transplant” 

For this reason, I decided at the time that a hair transplant was the best option for me. After some online research it became clear to me that there were huge price differences between hair clinics in Turkey and hair clinics in the Netherlands. Thanks to my Turkish background and large network in Turkey, I have continued to study hair transplantation in Turkey. The benefits of a hair transplant in Istanbul quickly became clear to me; lower costs, large treatments and beautiful end results. 

Then I went to Turkey and visited a large number of hair clinics here. I discussed the best option for me with various hair specialists in Turkey. This brought me to a professional hair transplantation clinic, with years of experience. They treated me for a rate that would never have been possible in the Netherlands. The hair transplant costs were more than 70% lower than the prices charged by the Dutch and Belgian hair clinics. 

“The hair transplantation result is very beautiful and natural” 

More than 9 months after the treatment, the hair transplantation result was optimal. Why did I wait so long for this? I should have done this much earlier! At the time (and still) I received many compliments from my environment about the result, if I tell about this. I can go through life without worrying about my hair again, what a relief this was for me! 

I turned my hobby into my work! 

It is in my nature to help people, I have had this since childhood. Initially I referred many family and friends to the hair clinic where I have been. In the end I decided to turn my hobby (helping people with the same problem as me) into my job. I am still very happy with this choice every day, because I get a lot of pleasure from my work. 

Become one of the largest hair clinics in Turkey 

Thanks to the wonderful results in combination with the competitive hair transplant prices and my efforts of recent years, we have grown into one of the largest hair clinics in Turkey. We are rightly proud of this and therefore invite you to a free and no-obligation consultation. Then you can also experience the benefits of a hair transplant in Turkey. 

Safe hair transplantation with guaranteed results by experienced specialists; GlobalHair makes it possible for you! Guarantee of result is what we offer our customers. The transplant will be carried out in a very luxurious clinic with international quality marks. Technological developments are accelerating. With the new techniques we offer you will achieve an optimal result, without a visible scar and with a short recovery period. 

✅ Cheapest in the Benelux! ✅ Treatment with the most modern FUE techniques ✅ Maximum graft guarantee ✅ Lifetime growth guarantee ✅ You will receive aftercare for 6 months by Global Hair ✅ Price is all inclusive; hair transplant, VIP transfer, hotel stay (2 nights), medication ✅ Hair growth stimulating treatment after your hair transplant guarantees a faster and better healing 


[Hair clinic]SUB 

Are you looking for a good hair clinic in Turkey? There are hundreds of hair clinics in Turkey. However, many people don’t know what the best hair restoration clinics are. Are you thinking about having a hair transplant in Turkey and have you Googled at ‘hair clinic Turkey’? Then there are several things you should pay attention to. For starters, you can rely on the experiences with the hair clinic in Turkey. In addition, the costs of treatment at the clinic are of course also very important. This article discusses what to look for in order to be treated at the best hair clinic in Turkey. 

Hair clinic – shared experiences 

Fortunately, nowadays there is the internet to get information about a certain hair clinic. Thousands of experiences are shared daily on various matters online. Experiences with hair transplants at hair clinics around the world are also very popular. Are you unsure between a hair clinic in Turkey or in the Netherlands? Then you have to weigh the pros and cons of treatment in your own country or abroad. There are several sites where experiences with hair clinics in Turkey are shared. You can appeal to the well-known hair transplantation forum Haarweb. In addition to information about the hair transplant treatment, you can also find information here about hairpieces, hair growth products, micro hair pigmentation and other treatments. 

What is striking is that the hair transplant treatments in Turkey often involve quite a few grafts. There is a reason for this. If you opt for hair clinic Turkey and specifically for Global Hair, then you choose a hair clinic that specializes in large treatments. In the Netherlands, treatment is often chosen from 1,000 to a maximum of 2,000 grafts. In Turkey, however, it is common to transplant at least 2,000 grafts in a day. This can even go up to over 3,000 grafts. A graft usually represents about two hairs. So, if 2,500 grafts are transplanted, this equates to about 5,000 hairs. Curious about the costs in a professional hair clinic? 

Hair clinic Turkey – the cost 

An important advantage of a hair transplant at a hair clinic in Turkey is that large hair transplant treatments can be performed. But this is not the only advantage. Another great advantage is of course the relatively low hair transplantation costs. The costs of a hair clinic in Turkey are usually more than 50% lower than the costs of a hair transplant in the Netherlands or Belgium. In addition, several hair transplantation clinics in Turkey show that wonderful results are possible for such competitive prices. 

In the Netherlands, someone with moderately advanced baldness often requires two or three major treatments. In Turkey, however, it is often already possible to get good coverage after one major treatment and therefore also a good hair transplantation result. Getting started with a professional hair clinic? 

Global Hair - Before & After 2
Global Hair - Before & After 3
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Bekijk de resultaten van cliënten die u voor gingen

Hair Clinic FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions 

Below you will find an overview of the most frequently asked questions about a hair clinic. Can’t find the answer to your question? Please do not hesitate to contact us. 

  1. What can I expect from a hair clinic? 

You can go to a hair clinic for treatments for hair loss. Both temporary and permanent solutions are offered and applied to men and women. Well-known treatments about which you will receive more information at a hair clinic include hair transplantation and micro hair pigmentation. 

  1. Why do I go to a hair clinic? 

Hair loss and a hair that is visibly thinning can lead to looking for a solution. Often your search for the appropriate treatment starts with your doctor, where the cause of the hair loss is determined. If it turns out that hereditary hair loss, androgenic alopecia, is the culprit, a proven hair growth product can initially be prescribed. The results vary and are not permanent. In the meantime, orient yourself to treatments that do have a lasting effect. At a hair clinic you will receive information and advice from experienced specialists and consultants in the field of lasting results in hair loss. 

  1. Can I just walk into a hair clinic? 

If you want to get more information about the options that suit your situation and the extent to which your hair loss has progressed, it is usual to make an appointment for a consultation. By making an appointment you avoid a disappointment because there is insufficient or no time to speak to you extensively. Incidentally, a so-called intake interview is non-binding at most hair clinics. 

  1. How do I find a hair clinic that suits me? 

Opinions and experiences are personal. Do you compare your first preferred hair clinics? Then keep in mind that the experiences you read may differ from your own opinion. Finding the clinic and specialist that suits you requires patience. Get acquainted with several providers and experience how an intake interview works. Do not forget to also get to know the consultants of GlobalHair in Leiden. After all, you 

do not have to go to the luxury hair clinic in Istanbul for the intake interview, you can do that in the Netherlands. Working in this way automatically gives you a feeling of confidence at a particular clinic. 

  1. What is the best way to compare hair clinics? 

You can compare in various ways. You can use so-called review sites where both cosmetic and surgical treatments and clinics are discussed and assessed. In addition, you can also compare based on rates charged for a hair transplant. Reading experience stories from others can provide more insight into the possibilities that are available. 

  1. Can I select a hair clinic that only offers hair transplants? 

Yes, especially if you are only interested in a treatment that offers a lasting solution, it is possible to search only for hair transplant clinics. Specialized clinics present themselves online, so you can search for hair transplant providers via Google. You may also regularly see advertisements and so-called advertorials in the print media. Magazines, magazines and lifestyle magazines are the appropriate media for this. 

  1. Why do I choose a Turkish hair clinic? 

GlobalHair offers the lowest price guarantee for an FUE hair transplant in Turkey. The cheaper rates are often a reason to travel to Turkey for a hair transplant. The qualities of the treatment and the ISHRS certified hair surgeons are high and the results that are achieved are excellent. In addition, Turkish hair clinics offer the opportunity to harvest and transplant a larger number of hair follicles, up to 4,500, during treatment. This of course only if the available donor material allows. 

  1. Why are Turkish hair clinics cheaper? 

The main reason why hair transplants in Turkey can be performed cheaper is the personnel costs. These costs obviously count towards the determination of the rates. Since wages are lower for both treating doctors and assistants, the hair transplants can be offered cheaper. 

  1. Is there a difference between Dutch and Turkish hair clinics? 

There is hardly any difference in the area of treatment. GlobalHair works with experienced certified hair surgeons who perform a large number of hair transplants every year. The doctors are aware of the latest techniques and possibilities in the field of hair transplantation equipment and results. The quality of the care that is provided is high and the intervention is carried out in a hygienic treatment room designed for that purpose. The main difference with the Netherlands is the fact that you travel to Istanbul to undergo the treatment and the rate that is up to more than 50% cheaper than with comparable Dutch providers. 

  1. What impact does the cheap rate have on the quality of a hair clinic? 

Cheap or lower rates often have a cause that is different from the quality of care provided. Lower labor costs are a good example of this. Just as the most expensive hair clinic does not automatically achieve the best result, so is the reverse. The cheapest offer does not mean inferior quality and poor results. Proper preparation, introducing you to various clinics can prevent disappointments. Trust your feeling. Do you have a feeling of confidence at a hair clinic that offers cheaper rates? Then there is no reason to assume that the end result will be disappointing. 

  1. Can I prepare myself for a visit to a hair clinic? 

By preparing yourself, you can ask specific questions during the interview. This is not only pleasant for yourself, but certainly also for the treating specialist or consultant. General questions related to an FUE hair transplant can be found online at Haarweb, among others. Read yourself in the treatment and make an overview of the questions that describe your personal situation. Are you curious about how others experienced an intake interview at the relevant hair clinic? Take a look at the experience stories that you will find in blogs, vlogs and on various forums. It can help you get well-prepared. 

  1. Is a hair transplant in a Turkish hair clinic safe? 

Yes, hair transplants are among the procedures that are used both safely and often. This applies in both the Netherlands and Turkey. The GlobalHair clinic in Istanbul is equipped with all modern conveniences and luxurious amenities. Before the start of the hair transplant, the procedure will be discussed with you again and you will be made aware of the possibility of side effects and risks. You will also receive advice and instructions that reduce the chance of side effects. You don’t have to worry about the aftercare. You can do this at the Dutch branch of GlobalHair in Istanbul. 

  1. Am I not limited in communicating in a Turkish hair clinic? 

No, the consultants of the GlobalHair location in Leiden speak Dutch so that there is no question of miscommunication. Turkish hair surgeons speak German or English. Are you not or insufficiently proficient in these languages? Then an interpreter is available, so that you can speak to the treating physicians in your own language. 

  1. What are the experiences with Turkish hair clinics? 

Opinions and experiences differ. This applies to both Dutch and Turkish hair clinics. With the increasing popularity of the FUE hair transplant, the number of practitioners in the Netherlands and Turkey has increased significantly in recent years. Online you will find a large number of experience stories and reviews of hair transplant clinics. Don’t judge yourself too quickly based on only the experiences of others. You can get a complete picture by going on site and making an appointment for an intake interview. Perhaps your feeling and experience are completely different from what you read online. 

  1. How do I know what results a hair clinic has achieved? 

It is not inconceivable that a hair clinic places hair transplantation before and after photos on a website. By viewing these images you will get a first impression of what is possible. During a consultation with a specialist or consultant, additional visual material is usually shown. 

  1. I see the same images at different hair clinics. What should I think about this? 

Not everyone who undergoes a hair transplant gives permission to use before and after photos taken in the clinic for publication purposes. The online images will give you a first idea of the results. During a consultation in the hair clinic, hair surgeons will show you pictures of procedures performed in the clinic and results that have been achieved. 

  1. Do I have to go to Turkey for an intake interview at a hair clinic? 

No that is not necessary. GlobalHair has an office in Leiden. Consultations and consultations take place here. Aftercare also takes place in Leiden. Only for hair transplantation itself, you will travel to the luxury hair clinic in Istanbul. 

  1. So I cannot see in advance what the hair clinic in Turkey looks like? 

Before you travel to Istanbul, you can still take a look at the clinic on the basis of images in the form of photos and videos. GlobalHair has several hair transplant videos and informative videos recorded on the spot. This gives you a general impression of the clinic, the treatment room and the equipment used during the procedure. 

  1. Are the additional costs for a hair transplant in Turkey high? 

That’s not too bad. Especially if you know that GlobalHair offers the lowest price guarantee for the procedure, € 2.949, which includes 2 hotel nights, VIP transfers and medication. The only additional costs you have are the costs for an airline ticket. Would you like to stay longer in Istanbul? Then of course you pay the extra hotel nights. 

  1. Can women also go to the hair clinic? 

Developments in the field of hair transplantation technology make it possible that it is no longer necessary to shave the hair completely short. This also makes the treatment more interesting for women. GlobalHair successfully applies the hair-saving micro FUE hair transplantation to many women. 

  1. Can I take someone to the consultation at the hair clinic? 

Sure. Bring someone you trust and who is aware of your intention to have a hair transplant. Often you immediately feel more at ease and because of the presence of a friend you do not forget to ask the questions you have. You can also take someone to the procedure itself. It is always nice to be able to talk to someone you know and trust, especially abroad. 

  1. Does a hair clinic guarantee a hair transplant? 

Hair clinics usually give a guarantee on the successfully transplanted hair follicles. This is usually the guarantee of a lifetime of hair growth. How and what exactly the warranty conditions and warranty period exactly embrace will be explained during a consultation at the hair clinic. 

  1. When do I have to pay the costs at a hair clinic? 

Every hair clinic has its own payment terms. How and when you pay for the hair transplant is told by the consultant during the intake interview. Are you considering paying the treatment in installments? Then make this known in time. If desired, the consultant can put you in touch with a credit company that works with the hair clinic. Be aware that borrowing money costs money and that the final treatment costs are more expensive. 

  1. Is there anything else I should know about a hair clinic? 

Both domestic and foreign hair clinics are active on the Dutch market. Interesting benefits can be achieved by comparing your options. Do not blindly rely on the opinion and experience of others. Let yourself be advised by several hair clinics and compare your personal experiences with each other. You don’t have to worry about a hair transplant in Turkey. GlobalHair has years of experience and works exclusively with ISHRS certified hair surgeons. Men and women from home and abroad have already successfully preceded you. If you compare the prices of Dutch hair clinics with the attractive rates of GlobalHair, the next step is to make an appointment for an intake interview. You can make this appointment by calling, emailing or sending a WhatsApp message. Do you not want to come to the clinic? Then it is also possible to send photos of your hair and receive treatment advice through a so- called photo consultation. 


Schedule a consultation for a hair transplant in Turkey for free? 

If you want to schedule a free consultation after reading the text about ‘hair clinic’, please contact us via the contact form. You can also choose to send photos of your current situation. A hair transplant doctor will then look at your hair, looking at the number of grafts required. Tailor-made advice from a specialist from our hair clinic follows, with a quote especially for you.

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