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    Information about hair transplants, treatment techniques, results and experiences can be found both online and in the print media. Is the treatment of interest to you as a possible solution for hair loss? Then watch a hair transplant video. You will find hundreds of videos online that show the treatment. 

    The importance of hair transplant videos 

    However beautiful the idea of a hair transplant and the lasting result that is offered, until you undergo a treatment yourself, it is difficult for many to imagine the procedure. Harvesting the hair follicles from the donor area, checking the grafts and finally transplanting them into the balding areas. For many it is a kind of ‘far from your bed show’ and imaging during the treatment process is difficult. A hair transplant video shows a hair implant in detail. From harvesting to placing the hair follicles in the transplant areas. After seeing a hair implantation video, you often have a much better picture of the procedure. Where can you find these kinds of videos and reports? Of course, a platform like YouTube is a great starting point. Here you will find videos of Dutch hair clinics as well as hair transplants performed abroad. Not only watch the Dutch videos, but also see how the treatment is applied elsewhere. It is not about the commentary that is provided with the video, but to get a picture of both numbing the skin being treated, harvesting and replacing the hair follicles.

    FUE hair transplant video 

    Just a search on YouTube or Google yields much more hair transplant videos than just the treatment that is shown. For example, there are videos of the different hair implantation techniques that are applied. More and more hair clinics only work with modern FUE technology. See how with the help of a micro motor the hair follicles are harvested one by one from the donor area and after an inspection are also placed piece by piece in the areas discussed earlier. You can also find these types of videos on the website of various hair clinics. You will then see how an operation is applied at the relevant clinic. But there’s more. The various aspects of the treatment are explained in particular in English-language hair implantation videos. Doctors and specialists answer various hair transplant questions in short, focused videos. You will also see how care after the procedure is advised and what the results are for men and women who have opted for a hair transplant. 

    Hair transplantation visualized 

    The popularity of the treatment is portrayed at home and abroad. This is regularly done by well-known men and women who choose the treatment. For a hair clinic, this means a bit of extra promotion and brand awareness. The images are interesting to you because you see that a treatment is applied in a relaxed way in a comfortable setting. You can also watch various informative videos about the hair transplantation on the GlobalHair website. You will see the treatment and how the procedure is applied 

    in the hair clinic in Istanbul. Various aspects of the procedure are explained and you can see which results are achieved. Do you think it is a strange idea to watch a video of a cosmetic procedure? Then keep in mind that it can be a valuable addition to any treatment you are considering. Certainly if you are not familiar with the method of a hair implantation, seeing a video can contribute to the imaging. It is often easier to sit down in the treatment chair in a relaxed way, because you generally know what will happen. Hair implantation videos also answer questions you have. In addition to seeing the intervention itself, it is certainly also interesting to watch videos that show the development of a result. The final result is not reached until 9 to 12 months after the procedure. In a so-called timelapse you can see how hair growth develops. 

    Curious after seeing a hair implantation video? 

    After seeing a hair implantation video, are you curious whether the treatment is a suitable solution for hair loss? The consultants of GlobalHair are happy to inform you during a free consultation in Leiden. The conversation is without obligation. You can make an appointment quickly and easily by filling in the contact form. Calling or WhatsApping is faster and is also possible. Use the number: +316 44 36 36 22. You can also email: You will receive a response as soon as possible. 

    Some of our results 

    Before you decide at which clinic you want to undergo a hair transplant, it is wise to study hair transplantation experiences from people who have done this before. 

    Hair transplant video FAQ - Frequently asked questions

    Hair transplant video FAQ – Frequently asked questions

    Below you will find an overview of the most frequently asked questions about a hair transplant video. Can’t find the answer to your question? Please do not hesitate to contact us. 

    1. Is there such a thing as a hair transplant video? 

    Yes, hair transplant videos certainly exist. Both the FUT and FUE method are clearly shown in a video. 

    1. Where can I find a hair transplant video? 

    YouTube is an excellent place to watch hair transplant videos at home and abroad. In addition, videos are also published on the GlobalHair website. Here you can see images of the operation itself, as well as of the interior of the luxury clinic in Istanbul. 

    1. What is the use of a hair transplant video? 

    In addition to promotion for the clinic in question, a hair transplant video is an opportunity to see how a treatment is progressing. Clinics regularly post videos of the entire procedure. That means from the moment of the first consultation, until the treatment itself and until the end result 9 to 12 months later. 

    By completely imaging a treatment you get an even better idea of what you can expect from a hair transplant. 

    1. Is it possible to select certain hair transplant videos? 

    Certainly if you search via a channel such as YouTube, it is possible to enter a specific search query. Do you only want to see FUE hair transplants? Then enter FUE hair transplant to search. You can also search specifically for images of filling inlets or harvesting the donor material. 

    1. Is it true that a number of videos are shown at the different hair clinics? 

    When looking for hair transplant videos, it can be noticed that some videos are shown with multiple practitioners. This is not strange. After all, not everyone gives permission to make images of his or her hair transplant and to use it publicly. To be able to visualize how a hair transplant progresses, free-to-use videos are therefore used. During an intake interview at the clinic, you will often be shown authentic images of photos and videos taken at the clinic in question. 

    1. Are there hair transplant videos of treatments in Turkey? 

    Yes. Also on the GlobalHair website you will find several videos of interventions that took place in Istanbul. In addition to the procedure itself, the importance of an experienced hair surgeon is emphasized and you see that women are increasingly choosing GlobalHair to have a hair transplant. 

    1. Does it make sense to watch foreign hair transplant videos? 

    Despite the fact that you may not be able to understand what is being said, you can benefit from seeing the procedure. There is no reason to skip these videos. It broadens your insight and image, and is an excellent addition to your preparation. 

    1. Can I ask to take pictures of my hair transplant? 

    Many people would like to see how the procedure went and was carried out afterwards. How do you look when the hair is harvested from the donor area? If you indicate in advance that you are curious to see the procedure afterwards, it is often possible that images are taken. Then take a camera or your phone with you. 

    1. I have heard that I get a discount if I give permission to film my hair transplant and use the images for publication. Is that right? 

    This differs per clinic. Discount options are discussed prior to the hair transplant. Are you using this way to get a discount? Always pay attention to what exactly you give permission for and how long the relevant images may be used. 

    1. I have seen online images of my hair transplant. However, I have not given permission for this. What can I do? 

    It is not permitted to use images for promotional and publishing purposes without permission. Are images taken of you unsolicited? Always ask why this is and what the images will be used for. If you notice later that the images are published unwanted without your prior written consent, you can report this immediately to the relevant clinic. Try to reach a mutual agreement. If that does not work, you can consider further steps. 

    1. What are the benefits of a hair transplant video? 

    The intervention is visualized in detail. You will see how harvesting, checking and replacing the hair follicles works. 

    1. What are the disadvantages? 

    A hair transplant video is shown in shortened form. Where harvesting, checking and replacing in a video is completed in a few minutes, in reality it is not. You sit in the treatment chair for 6 to 8 hours, which makes the treatment very long. If you are next to a short video, reality can be quite disappointing. The result is also not visible the same day. This takes 9 to 12 months. The short timeframe in which the full treatment is displayed can certainly be seen as disadvantageous. 

    1. Are there also hair transplant videos of women undergoing surgery? 

    Yes, you can find videos of the procedure used on women on both YouTube and GlobalHair. You will see, among other things, how the donor part is shaved, the local anesthetics are applied and how the final treatment proceeds. With an increasing number of women opting for a hair transplant, it goes without saying that high-quality images are available. 

    1. Why do I regularly see hair transplant videos from famous people? 

    It is no longer a secret that famous people are also looking for a solution against hair loss. The hair transplant offers lasting results and is therefore regularly applied. Well-known people make appointments for this with the clinic where they are treated. The person who undergoes the hair transplant gets a nice discount on the treatment amount in exchange for promotions and publications. In this way, well-known people not only increase the procedure, but also the brand awareness of the clinic where the procedure took place. 

    1. What else can I find out when I watch a hair transplant video? 

    If you watch a hair transplant video at GlobalHair, you will see information about the hair transplant in addition to the course of a treatment. Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to travel to Turkey for a consultation. This can simply take place at the location in Leiden. In addition, you will also see that the prices for a hair transplant at GlobalHair are sometimes more than 50% cheaper than with a comparable treatment in the Netherlands. 

    1. Can I publish my own hair transplant video? 

    Have you had your own hair transplantation made and do you want to use it in a blog or vlog? Then it is not inconceivable that you request permission from both the treating specialist and the clinic where the surgery took place. Conversely, the same applies. It is often possible to publish your own images, provided you take privacy legislation into account. 

    1. Are there hair transplant videos that show how a consultation is going? 

    Yes, these videos can be found online. When viewing these types of videos, please note that an intake interview is different for everyone. No hair transplant is the same and the same applies to the advice you receive during a consultation. A video provides a starting point in which you can see how you can possibly prepare for the interview. 

    1. What are the differences between the different hair transplant videos? 

    Although the FUE procedure is the same, there can be a big difference in the number of hair follicles that are transplanted in someone. Treatment rooms are not identical and the way the procedure works can differ. Interesting to see, for example, is the difference between a standard FUE treatment and a hair- saving FUE hair transplant. 

    1. Can I determine the quality of a hair clinic from a hair transplant video? 

    No that is impossible. The published images give an impression of the hair transplant itself and not of the quality that is delivered. Do not use the images you see as a decisive factor in your choice of therapist. It is better to get to know different specialists and base your decision on that. 

    1. Are there independent hair transplant videos? 

    Most of the hair transplant videos you see were made by or for a hair transplant clinic. In addition, there are videos made by men and women who have undergone treatment and have images captured. Occasionally you will see a so-called report by journalists and / or other reporters who each pay attention to the hair transplant for their own reason. You can determine from the images whether the original image material is concerned or whether it has been ‘cut and pasted’ here and there. 

    1. What do I pay attention to when watching a hair transplant video? 

    What does the environment look like where the video was made? Is it a clinic environment or more a living room setting. Original videos of actual hair transplants performed at a hair clinic. You will also see a treatment chair and the equipment used to perform the treatment. If you are curious about the way the 

    local anesthetics are applied, look closely at the injections given in both the donor and transplant area. It is interesting to see how the hair follicle harvesting works and how the harvested grafts are checked for quality. A good video clearly shows the different phases of the hair transplant treatment. 

    1. Why do some practitioners show what the clinic looks like in a video? 

    This is especially useful if it is a foreign clinic. The intake interview takes place in the Netherlands and you have no idea what to expect from the actual treatment location. By making a video and placing it online you will get an idea of the design of the hair clinic. This can often be taken into account when determining your final choice. After all, it is nice to know exactly where you end up. 

    1. Can I also watch videos of alternative treatments? 

    Yes, if you are not convinced of the hair transplant as a suitable procedure, that is certainly a possibility. Micro hair pigmentation treatments as well as experiences with hair growth products and laser helmets are shared in videos. Just like for a large number of hair transplant videos, you can consult YouTube for this. 

    1. After seeing a hair transplant video, I got a little anxious. How do I deal with this? 

    If you know that a hair transplant is one of the safest cosmetic procedures where you don’t have to be afraid of pain, your feelings can sometimes be taken away. The local anesthetics ensure that you do not feel any pain. Are you very anxious? A treating hair surgeon can give you a sedative before the procedure, so you can still sit comfortably in the treatment chair. Do you really not like a hair transplant? Perhaps an alternative treatment offers a solution. 

    1. Are hair transplant videos online forever? 

    Uploading and publishing a video independently is quite easy these days. If you want the video to only be visible for a short time, that is sometimes something else. Read the conditions and options you have to remove images beforehand. Also look at the possibility that viewers of the video have to download it. Don’t you want that? Then it is probably better not to publish your images online. 

    1. Is there anything else I should know about a hair transplant video? 

    The number of hair transplant videos that you search and find via the internet is increasing daily. Hair clinics, specialists and people who have undergone treatment choose to share images with others. In preparation for a possible hair transplant, you will get insight into the course of a treatment by watching various videos. Nevertheless, it is good to know that every hair transplant is a unique treatment, which everyone experiences in his or her own way. Would you like to know more about the treatment? Then make an appointment for a free consultation at GlobalHair in Leiden.

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