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Welcome to GlobalHair, the solution to your hair problems and the clinic where you get the personal attention you deserve!



Interested in a hair transplant? There are several techniques you can choose from. Wondering which technique suits you best? Feel free to contact us and one of our specialists will assist you for tailor-made advice.


Are you dissatisfied with the density of your beard or is your beard not symmetrical everywhere? Then a beard transplant is the right option for you!


The V6 Hairboost is a very popular treatment where we inject a mix of essential vitamins and minerals into the hair follicles. This inhibits hair loss and gives the hairs the nutrition they need to strengthen your weakened head of hair. The V6 hair boost works perfectly in combination with a hair transplant

What does GlobalHair stand for?

GlobalHair is the solution to your hair problems! The baldness can be remedied by means of the FUE hair transplantation method. GlobalHair distinguishes itself on experience, expertise, price and service. Thanks to our years of expertise, we know how to deliver consistent quality. The treatment is carried out by highly experienced specialists in Istanbul, Turkey. Our consultants in the Netherlands will provide you with the necessary aftercare after the hair implantation. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Some of our results

Before you decide at which clinic you want to have a hair transplant, it is wise to study hair transplant experieces in Turkey from people who have done this.

Hair Transplant Turkey? The reasons for choosing GlobalHair

More and more people are opting for a hair transplant in Turkey. Chances are you know someone in your area who has been to Turkey for a hair transplant. Why are more and more people choosing to be treated in Turkey? And why is it that the results are often very nice in people who have been treated in a Turkish hair clinic? Turkey has become the largest hair transplant country in the world People fly to Turkey from all over the world to undergo a hair transplant treatment. Turkey is therefore the largest hair transplantation country in the world. People from Europe, America and Asia visit Turkey to do something about their hair loss here. 

More celebrities are opting for the quality of GlobalHair 

A large number of celebrities have already opted for our quality in recent years. We are of course very proud of this! A.o. Erick de Munck of RTL Boulevard also shines again thanks to his hair transplant at GlobalHair. Do you want to know who else we have treated? We are happy to tell you this during a personal introductory meeting.

You can find us in:

GlobalHair – The Netherlands

Pesetastraat 76, 2991 XT Barendrecht

GlobalHair – Turkey

Özel Yüzyıl Hastanesi Pendik

Why is a hair transplant in Turkey of interest to you?

Hundreds of hair clinics exist in Turkey. The quality differs enormously within these different hair transplantation clinics. GlobalHair only works with experienced and qualified doctors. In this way we can guarantee the quality. We make a hair transplant affordable and can combine this with the best quality.

GlobalHair is the solution for your hair loss! Thanks to our specialization in the FUE hair transplantation method, your baldness can be remedied. GlobalHair distinguishes itself from other Turkish clinics in the following areas:

  • Years of experience, more than 5,000 hair transplants performed.
  • Expertise, our specialists have the necessary training.
  • First class service.
  • Thanks to the experience and expertise, more than 4,500 grafts can be transplanted in a day treatment.
  • Lifetime growth guarantee.
  • Free hair growth stimulating treatment worth € 750 with every hair transplant, for an even better result.
  • Lowest price guarantee.

Thanks to our many years of expertise, we know how to deliver consistently high quality. The treatment is carried out by highly experienced specialists in Istanbul, Turkey. Our consultants in the Netherlands will provide you with the necessary aftercare after the hair implantation. We are happy to assist you.


The solution for your hair problems.


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