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Hair transplant before and after photos.

An FUE hair transplant is a widely used technique to treat hair loss due to androgenic alopecia. The treatment provides permanent results and can be performed at GlobalHair during a day treatment. GlobalHair specializes in the micro FUE hair transplantation technique and offers the lowest price guarantee for a hair implantation in Turkey. We deliver custom work and guide you through the entire hair transplantation process. On our website you will find several hair transplants before and after photos that show the results of our hair surgeons.

Before and after photos FUE hair transplant 

Hair transplantation is currently the only treatment that offers a lasting solution for hereditary baldness. Hair loss affects both men and women and can significantly affect your social life. If you are bothered by the hair loss, you can look for a treatment that suits you. Viewing hair transplants before and after photos can contribute to your perception of the procedure. After all, images say so much more than all information that comes to you in word or text form. You can find these kind of photos on websites of specialized hair clinics, blogs, vlogs and hair forums. The photos give you a first impression of the possibilities, but they do not tell the full hair transplantation story. After all, these are recordings. There is a period of 9 to 12 months between the first “before” and the last “after” photo. Do you want to know how the results develop? Often photos are posted on a forum, such as Haarweb, from shortly after the procedure. Men and women regularly share their experiences and post photos of a result in development. This way you can see what the average hair growth looks like after a few months. You get a more realistic view of the hair transplant, after all, it is not the case that you have a full head of hair immediately after the treatment in the hair clinic.


Hair loss after hair transplantation 

What is not known to everyone is that the transplanted hair can fall out shortly after the hair transplant. This is the case in 85% to 90% of the interventions. Personal photo reports also portray this phase of the process. Good to know is that it usually concerns temporary hair loss and that new hair growth becomes visible after about 3 to 4 months. The advantage of viewing this type of image is that you do not have to worry unnecessarily if you are confronted with hair loss after the hair transplant. Despite the fact that hair surgeons point this out to you, it can be shocking. Visual material can somewhat limit the specter.

Global Hair - Before & After 2
Global Hair - Before & After 3
Global Hair - Before & After 1

Bekijk de resultaten van cliënten die u voor gingen

Compare hair transplant before and after photos 

Is it a good idea to compare hair transplantation before and after photos? Yes, although that does not immediately provide a clear picture. It is a well-known fact that hair clinics regularly use the same image material. This is done for privacy reasons and related legislation. Not everyone gives permission to use his or her before and after photos for publication. Are you coming to a hair clinic for an intake interview? Then photos of treatments that have taken place at the clinic are shown. Do not blind yourself to the photos that you see on websites of hair transplant clinics. Photos that are shown in a hair clinic itself are usually provided with data. This can almost certainly exclude that they are manipulated or photoshopped images. Self-respecting hair surgeons are proud of the results achieved and are happy to inform you. During a consultation at GlobalHair, our consultants also like to show what results have been achieved in the past. You can also quietly ask if it is possible to see before and after photos. Hair transplant before and after photos of women? These are also available. With the increasing interest of women with hair loss for the treatment, our hair surgeons have extensive experience in applying the hair-saving FUE technique.

Want to meet for free? 

Do you suffer from hair loss and do you see a hair transplant as a possible solution? Then make an appointment for a free consultation with GlobalHair. During the conversation, the cause of the hair loss is discussed and both the hair loss and the available donor material are examined. The treatment will be explained in more detail and we will tell you what to expect from a hair transplant in Turkey. Together we look at hair transplantation before and after photos, after which you will receive a personal treatment proposal. Would you like to know more or make an appointment directly at GlobalHair? Call or WhatsApp with +316 44 36 36 22. A hair transplant also gives you more confidence.

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